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We had a very exciting shoot with actor and director William H. Macy for The Layover movie shot in St Louis at the Gateway Geyser located across from the St Louis Arch.  Cinematographer Mark Irwin called us up after viewing our portfolio and asked about our experience and availability for filming with them.


The Layover Movie - Drone Flight Crew and Director William H Macy

The Layover Movie – Drone Flight Crew and Director William H Macy

We worked on the shoot with Balloons Over The Rainbow to tether the balloon some 200′ and to elevate the actors in the scene Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario where they delivered their dialog as we flew our Red Epic Drone to capture the best takes.

The Layover Movie featuring Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario

The Layover Movie featuring Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario

Haller Concepts St Louis Video Production Company. Our top quality videos are designed to accomplish your video production communications goals, yet with an extra, innovative touch. From start to finish, our producers, videographers, editors and production professionals are obsessive about excellence. We plan, adapt and experiment until we achieve the best possible result.

We are skilled at using any digital video and photography formats and we use the latest video, graphics, animation, video editing and production software and equipment available. Our audio and video production services are constantly evolving with the changes in video data technology.  For video production companies in St Louis, Missouri, Haller Concepts is just the right choice, neither too large nor too small.

st louis video production green screen studio

Go Green! That is…let us shoot you against our green screen, as you tell us your message.  We have a video production studio in the St Louis south county area. The space is larger than 20′ x 50′ and can be serviced with all equipment and crew essentials as you need them.  Lighting, cameras, sound, teleprompters and the creative talent to make your symphony happen. We have a small kitchen, dressing room and full shower and bath. We have two confidential client conference and meeting rooms. The studio has a full head to foot, cyc wall, 16′ green screen and a commercial drive-in garage door.


st louis video production

st louis video production, set design and construction

We are experts at shooting and streaming video for the web, as well as the creation and editing of video post production graphics and complete DVD video production services. We can shoot your St Louis video production in our spacious St. Louis video studio or at your locations of choice. We can also scout out just that right location that you are looking for. If you are unsure about what will best suit your needs, we would be more than happy to make recommendations for you. You will be amazed at our resourcefulness and don’t forget we can produce DVD duplications of your program in any quantity desired!

Haller Concepts also provides Aerial Photography & Video.

We create a highly specialized close range type of aerial media for creative clients in the Midwest.

These highly maneuverable remote controlled aircraft are light weight, battery powered and they fly like a helicopter.  Our flying platform is a new type of creative aerial media that is cutting edge and catching on fast. Perspective is everything! The angles we can achieve and places we can fly these drones captivate and amaze! Video production will never be the same.

The list of new drone aerial capabilities is growing fast. Cost comparison to a manned helicopter is off the charts!  Our drones are capable of other various aerial tasks in a wide array of aerial applications.

Safety First! We possess the knowledge and experience needed to fly drones safely and effectively. We operate in urban and suburban environments. Safety comes first and equipment is triple checked. We are fully insured so you can rest assured you’re covered.


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