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How to Use Drones to Measure Stockpiles and Track Volumes More Accurately

03/07/24 1:53 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

In the mining, construction, and aggregates industries, precise stockpile measurement is essential for effective inventory management and operational efficiency. Traditional methods can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and often less accurate. However, with the advent of drone technology, measuring stockpiles has become significantly more efficient and accurate. This guide explores how drones are transforming stockpile measurement and […]

Fox 2 News Television Interview with Rob Haller on St Louis Drones Aerial Video

20/02/15 8:41 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

Fox 2 News Reporter Mandy Murphy visited our studio to conduct and interview for an upcoming story on St Louis Drones Aerial Photography and Video. Dave Topping is the pilot and Rob Haller is the navigator for the DJI Phantom Drone. Notice our unique view monitor which adheres to the latest FAA rules regarding VLSO, […]

St Louis Video Production | Aerial Photography and Video | Drone Flight Safety

31/10/14 9:52 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

Showing a prospective buyer an aerial view of your property or building is a huge benefit to offer.  And by far the most effective way to capture those views is to use a flying camera. Whether it’s an aerial view of that new home, industrial complex, an advertising campaign or marketing photographs of the corporate […]

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