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Whether your video production is instructional, educational, promotional or informative, planning and preparation are key components to any successful video production.

And that all happens with a video script.

The video script is a complete blueprint for the production and editing of the video. It describes every visual and audio element of the video production. Great videos are all made on paper first. So whether you hire a script writer or do it yourself, take the time to get the script right before you spend any time or money producing a video. The length of your video production is another element that is determined by the script. For marketing videos, generally shorter is better so try to keep it between 5 to 8 minutes. Many schools of thought prefer to keep the length to under 2 minutes, especially for the internet. Like an effective TV commercial, your video should be clear, concise, and compelling. Save more detailed information for an online or printed fact sheet.

Pick out the benefits (not the features) and look at how you can link them together in a way that excites your prospect enough to buy or at least want to get in touch with you to ask you for more information.

st louis video production - pre production planning and scripting

Keep in focus the end goal you want to achieve with your video.

Do you want the viewer to take immediate action – if so what?

Do you want them to just be aware of your brand?

Do you want them to contact you for more information?

Is it an informational video?

The most important component of your video production is the script. Spend the time and money to shoot with a script

Your successful video will be a direct result of your production plan, shoot preparation and defined audio all established guided by your script.  Spend some time and money here first to save a lot more later on potential post production issues.

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