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We constantly live in the world of make-believe around here at our video production studio in the heart of St. Louis.  Here is a former President playing billiards with his favorite General.  We often dress up actors and actresses for our productions.  Often we utilize the staff of the business whenever possible to help keep video production costs low.

video production in saint louis missouri

video production in saint louis missouri

When someone is delivering lines on camera, then we can use staff folks but we strongly suggest using a teleprompter to defray added editing costs which can develop when so many takes may be needed in the video production process.  We have some very talented teleprompter operators who can help on the delivery of pros and staffers alike.  Getting the best take is still the goal of the video crew.

We’ve been producing fine creative web, photography and video since 1982, we can help in your marketing and training communications.


Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Producer

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