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A teleprompter is an essential video production equipment to stay on script and deliver video content. It can be used in almost any stationary setting on location or in the studio. A teleprompter is the ideal solution when you need to talk directly into the camera which is done to address the viewer in a personal way. With recent improvements in screen technology, teleprompters have become smaller and more accessible.

Some people may suggest that teleprompters are too obvious. While it can be noticeable when done incorrectly, it is also very hard to notice when done very well.

Of course you can simply read the text from a teleprompter for reference but the presenter should look past the reflection into the actual lens of the camera.  This happens when the presenter knows the script well and knows what is important to tell the audience. As a producer, I have noticed that even a non-pro can work with a teleprompter very well after a few takes.

When used correctly, the teleprompter visually keeps you on script, on-time, and is not noticeable to the audience. It can significantly decrease the time required for a video shoot and also make the editing post production job easier since you are more likely to be on script.

Overall, a teleprompter is great video production equipment that is essential to streamline your next video production when you want to stay on script and talk directly to the audience.  You will save money in post production editing time as well!

Essential video production equipment - teleprompters

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