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St Louis Video Production Services

What’s better about our video production team?  It is our expertise behind the camera and with lighting. Early in our careers, we started at a large advertising agency and we were able to shoot business communications for all types of media, this quickly taught us to be flexible and adaptable.  But just as important, how to get the best out of any video production situation.

We shot this video production in St Louis at the clients location in mid county.  The production team included myself and my partner.  As a team we are among the best at sizing up a location shoot and then determining the most optimal lighting solution.  Even in dark expansive plants like this one.  In post production we were required to utilize footage that had been shot by another company.  And wow, did we have to color correct that, it was a yeoman project.

My partner also edited the project so we kept very close creative continuity on the project, since we were quite intimate with all the visuals we had shot and logged.

We’re especially proud of our camerawork and lighting. These two critical elements will make your video production look very polished and professional.

You can count on our creative video production crews in St Louis to be extremely organized and efficient, helping streamline the entire video production process. We are available to work in our St Louis studio—or anywhere you need us.



Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Producer

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