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This video clip is a culmination of video production shots, all shot at the technology center and all robotic as you can see.  I re-edited the music to a hipper much more fitting rendition than the original which was approved for a recent tradeshow video.  Over the years we have shot a great deal of technology footage and especially at the tech center for S-R Corporate.  Also of note the robotic production line was hardly ever down except on rare occasion.  The engineers would often be there on location as we filmed just in case.  Video editing on the project was a great deal of fun since we would often cut these type of shots to the soundtrack for an increased attention span and involvement by the viewer.  Editing for post production deadlines was always a chore since video clips were often used in next day presentations with the big three automakers.


Rob Haller

Haller Concepts | St. Louis, MO