Video Production and Still Photography in Saint Louis

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Clients often ask us to shoot their video production and still photography at the same time.  This helps to maintain creative continuity on the project as well as saving time and energy from having to produce another crew of photographers or videographers.


st louis video production and still photography

st louis video production and still photography

In fact we are very proficient in both fields.  You see we started shooting still images in the studio in our beginnings in 1982 and we’ve been shooting stills on location and in our studio ever since.  When the cable firms were gearing up in the St Louis market in the mid eighties, we produced some local video programming to help fill content, very similar to the internet content needs of today.  We partnered with a firm to create “Great American Success Stories” which appeared on all seven (yes 7) different cable operators.

The above image is a screen grab from the video we created for Pennett Metal.  We shot numerous videos for marketing and training to appear on the firms multiple websites, blogs and social media repositories.


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