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This was a Saturday shoot for Mark Dental Group.  What a great group practice.  Many times we work on the weekend for our customer’s who need to close their business that day so they (the principals) can attend.  Often they are making the so called donuts and are literally busy all day.  But when we setup the shoot either video or photography well in advance and plotted out, the shoot goes much smoother and actually quicker.

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The day was perfect.  We did shoot outside building shots with the morning sun and the afternoon sunset to capture a few extra mood shots of the medical practice.  The video production started  at 9am and we shot the entire day.  Still photography was also included in the proposal and we would swap out the video equipment and provide a quick setup for the same scene as a high quality still image.  The client is creating a marketing and training video and well as a high definition printing booklet about the dental group.


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