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A lot of people mistakenly believe that shooting with a better video camera will give them better footage. In reality, shooting with a top-of-the-line high definition video camera often does more to reveal the flaws in your shots than it does to improve them.

The biggest difference between bringing home so-so shots and fantastic footage isn’t what you are shoot with; it’s what you are shooting at. The best way to shoot better shots is to take greater control over the look of the things you are shooting. This means thinking less like a video camera operator and more like a Director of Photography. Think about it: a video camera operator stands behind the camera and shoots what he or she sees. But, a Director of Photography moves all over the set and takes control over everything in the frame. A Director of Photography isn’t only concerned with the camera settings. The DP makes decisions about everything from the color of the shirt on the subject to the position of the props and the look of the lighting. Lighting is the most critical factor in determining image quality.

st louis corporate video production

st louis corporate video production

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