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As with any film shoot, location scouting is critical. Yes, this means physically going to the location ahead of the shoot date. What type of lighting does the environment provide? Is there electrical power? Is there any ambient noise? What other problems can you anticipate?

You don’t want to have any surprises on the shoot day.

It’s always a good idea to record quick b-roll type shots of your interviewee, in the case you need them to cover up edit points. If you are only working with one or two cameras you can capture this footage at the start or end of the interview. Typical pick up shots include asking the interviewee to nod on camera (good reaction type shots), as well as getting close ups on hands.

st louis video production company ceo interview on camera.

Be sure to grab a minute or two of the natural sound of the room before shooting (without anyone talking). This is important for covering up edit points. If the sound in the room changes throughout the interview, record the natural sound again!

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