Customer testimonial on location.

03/16/22 12:08 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

For scripted testimonial videos using actors, we can create the entire video in-house from right here in our St Louis studio. For those that require in-person work, we can either have our videographers travel to capture the footage or use some of the connections that we’ve created with experienced, high quality videographers in states all across the country to get what we need to create your testimonial.

We’ve created thousands of testimonials in the past, which has made us such a popular choice for those that are looking to outsource their testimonial videos. But we also make every effort to prove that we’re more than just a video production company.

We get to know you as a business, and work with you like a partner rather than a separate company. It is our goal that you can come to us with any video you need – often with nothing more than a goal – and we will use that to put together an outstanding testimonial video that is as good or better than you would make even if you had all of us working for you, in house, as part of your very own video production department.

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