5 Tips for Shooting High Quality B-Roll to Support Your Testimonial Content

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Searching for a way to make your testimonials more engaging? B-roll can do the trick! Here are five tips to help you capture amazing b-roll footage.

Don’t miss out – these tips are a must for making your testimonials shine!


B-roll footage can make or break a great testimonial. B-roll is like a side dish to the main video content, which helps give your story more life.

Testimonials are brilliant for connecting with your viewers, but to make them truly successful, shooting the right B-roll is key. It doesn’t matter if you are filming an event or everyday moments – attention to detail is needed to get top quality B-roll footage that will support and add value to your main video.

To help you out, here are 5 tips before you start your next project:

What is B-Roll?

B-Roll, also known as “cutaway” footage, is supplemental video material that adds different angles and perspectives to support the main subject. It helps tell a more effective story by providing visuals and context.

B-Roll can be used for many things. For example, it can capture general scenes of everyday life or closeups of items related to the conversation. It can also be useful for adding context, like if you’re talking about a beach vacation, get shots of the beach. If indoors, wide shots of the environment are a great idea.

Using B-Roll is important for creating visual stories. But don’t worry if you don’t have lots of equipment or crew members. Here are five tips for shooting quality B-roll on any budget:

  • Invest in a Gimbal Camera Stabilizer – Smooth movements are key to capture moments without distraction. A gimbal stabilizer helps keep shots steady and gives control.
  • Use an On-The-Go Microphone – Camera mics may not have the sound quality you need. Invest in an on-the-go microphone for clarity and higher fidelity.
  • Overlap Shots When Possible – Try filming with four different lenses (wide/normal/medium/telephoto). Overlapping two frames blends visuals together and proper framing includes relevant background info.
  • Shoot Multiple Angles and Pans – Front view then profile view. Creative freedom is key so try multiple pans up/down left/right if possible. This provides more options when editing the cut.
  • Capturing Sound Bytes – Have multiple mics to pick up dialogues. Mix down stereo sound bytes for seamless transitions between scenes.

Benefits of Using B-Roll

B-Roll (supplemental video footage) adds depth to testimonial videos. It helps tell a story, drawing in viewers and highlighting the content. B-Roll also breaks up long sections of talking head interviews.

Benefits of using B-roll include:

  • Showing a subject’s daily life, like how a product is used or how an employee works with customers.
  • Providing knowledge before and after the interviewee’s spoken word.
  • Creating a timeline, so viewers can understand what happened and why.
  • Reinforcing key messages, by showcasing personnel that support key points.
video crews st louis recording for b-roll

Video crews st louis recording for b-roll

5 Tips for Shooting High-Quality B-Roll

When it comes to recording video for customer testimonials, B-roll footage must be paid special attention to. B-roll can make the process simpler and more effective. Here are 5 tips for shooting high-quality B-roll:

1. Variety: Record different angles and perspectives so viewers don’t get bored.

2. Close Up: Use a macro lens to capture details.

3. Natural Lighting: Where possible, use natural light sources instead of artificial lighting.

4. Plan Ahead: Have a pre-production script and storyboard so everyone knows what to do.

5. Quality Equipment: Use cameras with fast frame rates and adjustable white balance settings. Also, use higher quality microphones for clear audio.

Lighting Tips for B-Roll

Lighting is essential for videography projects. When shooting testimonials, you need to get the light just right: Not too bright, not too dark. Here are five lighting tips to help you.

1. Natural lighting is great! It adds warmth and a professional feel. Use windows and skylights.

2. Softboxes give an even light and no harsh shadows.

3. Three-point lighting uses two lights on either side and one in front. This creates a 3D effect.

4. OLED lights are brighter than LED. They also let you adjust color temperature.

5. Light diffusion panels soften shadows and diffuse harsh light. Put them slightly off camera for a natural glow. Your footage will look cinematic!

Audio Tips for B-Roll

Audio is oft neglected in b-roll, but is a must for great testy content. Here are 5 audio tips for perfect b-roll sound:

1. Get Quality Mics: Quality mics are essential for clear audio on camera. Whether lavalier mics or shotgun mics, place them close to the source & check levels before recording.

2. Secure Mics: When placing lavalier mics near clothing, use tape or other devices to secure it in place during filming. This prevents noise & movement that disrupts sound quality.

3. Monitor Levels: Before recording, check sound levels with the mic test feature on many recording devices & cameras. Don’t rely on visual meters only.

4. Less Background Noise: Background noise can be very distracting. Make sure the filming area is free from external noise sources like ACs & aircraft traffic.

5. Record Sound Separately: For post-production editing, it’s best to record plain sound asset clips separately from B-roll video clips. This allows responses to be edited without detracting visuals.

Editing Tips for B-Roll

To maximize the impact of your testimonial video, couple it with B-Roll footage. Here are 5 tips to help you shoot high-quality B-Roll:

1. Stay in frame & avoid zooming. This will make the footage look professional.

2. Use steadicams for smooth handheld shots. This can add dynamic movement to simple scenes.

3. Vary your camera angles. Try low perspectives, bird’s eye views or tracking shots.

4. Capture multiple takes. This will give you options when editing for a cinematic look & feel.

5. Edit strategically. Aim for continuity & flow from each clip set. Add editing effects like color grading & audio mixing for a complete cinematic look.


Shooting B-roll? No one-size-fits-all answer. But, follow these tips for better content:

Unique perspectives, set up beautiful shots and interesting transitions between cuts – adds an extra layer of impact. Take time to craft visually compelling material – this will take video clips to the next level.

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