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St. Louis Video Production

29/08/13 6:15 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

We constantly live in the world of make-believe around here at our video production studio in the heart of St. Louis.  Here is a former President playing billiards with his favorite General.  We often dress up actors and actresses for our productions.  Often we utilize the staff of the business whenever possible to help keep […]

st. louis video production | green screen on location video services

15/08/13 9:24 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

We shot this all on location.  The four live interviews we videotaped were shot on a portable green screen at the client’s test kitchen.  We have a special wrap and container to keep the backdrop clean and looking new on each video production.  We have also customized the holding sticks ourselves for a quick change […]

St. Louis Video Production

05/08/13 7:23 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

We’re small enough and economical enough to produce your video with video professionals who wear many creative hats.  For example your video production producer will also be also be your director.  We like the creative combination so that your video will maintain continuity throughout and be more efficient on your production shooting since your producer […]

st louis video production | green screen studio | video post production

19/07/13 10:45 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

Here is a simple example of how great and flexible it can be to shoot video on the green screen. The background is replace by virtually any background you might select. The foreground can also have a different layer or multiple layers. This was shot in our south county st louis studio and edited the […]

st louis video production | st louis video | corporate video

16/07/13 8:06 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

Corporate Communications The use of video is an important tool for delivering a wide range of corporate communications. Marketing videos present your companies mission and values clearly and effectively.  Here is one of our st louis videographers on location at a recent business exposition.  The customer wanted live interview with current customers visiting the sales […]

St Louis Training Videos

02/07/13 7:31 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

Video production in St Louis for specialty and custom training programs. Chemical and workplace safety videos are utilized by many firms in the region.

st louis video production company | studio green screen production | video post production

03/05/13 5:55 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

The video production in the st louis studio started with a 6am video crew call. The previous day the client flew into St Louis from the East coast and the agency and legal team flew in from the West Coast. The physician’s on camera came from within the St Louis area and were the principals […]

st louis video production | pre production and planning | scriptwriting

19/04/13 4:23 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

Whether your video production is instructional, educational, promotional or informative, planning and preparation are key components to any successful video production. And that all happens with a video script. The video script is a complete blueprint for the production and editing of the video. It describes every visual and audio element of the video production. […]

st louis video production company | st louis video production

13/04/13 8:36 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

Haller Concepts provides video production services throughout the St Louis metropolitan region for commercials, video for web, industrial, and corporate video productions. We create with your marketing team, agency and key project stakeholders. We produce and capture compelling video then follow with post-production and advanced motion graphics. Every video production is customized and designed to […]

st louis video production | green screen video | st louis video producer

19/03/13 7:29 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: HallerConcepts

St Louis Video Production. We often shoot for out of town producers and this project was similar to hundreds we have done before. A New York producer was in town to film his client for a green screen video they are producing to appear on YouTube and other video repository websites.  Although the local CEO […]

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